IT Idursulfase Trial Faces Setback

Please read:

I’m not going to say a lot right now as I’m still processing this news and I’m not sure how much I can/should/want to be posting on the big wide web. What I do know without a doubt is that this drug works and I will go to jail before I see this drug get taken away. Melissa Hogan has issued a Clinical Trial Alert that contains more information, please see below.


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Love Deb

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2 thoughts on “IT Idursulfase Trial Faces Setback

  1. “Two out of three patients exhibit progressive cognitive decline.”
    But this did not happen with 1/3 of the patients! That is huge!
    This disease is slightly different in everyone. Why not look into the patients that Elaprase DID work for – and try to determine the characteristics which make this viable for those patients. You CAN make a difference for those patients. Please.

    Branch 2: go back to the 2/3 patients that it didn’t work for and try to reformulate a medication for those types of patients.

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