Proceeds from fundraisers are applied to the MPS II Research Fund, a research fund administered through The Isaac Foundation, a registered charity in Canada.


Cross-Canada RUN FOR A CURE!

Join The Isaac Foundation and MPS II Research Fund in its annual Cross-Canada RUN FOR A CURE. If you’re near Vancouver, you can join our local team for the Scotiabank Half-Marathon or 5K as we raise necessary funds for MPS research, but no matter where in Canada you live, there will be a run for you. Just send me an email for more information! You can find more information about the Scotiabank Run here:



Construction Cares!

Join us on April 22, 2018 at Construction Cares, an interactive activity filled event for children and adults of all ages! We haven’t had a non-run fundraiser for a number of years now and we are so excited to be a part of not only a super fun community event, but also, an event that will raise necessary funds as we move closer towards a cure for MPS II. We hope to see you there!




Yoga-Poster - MPS II FUND - Revised With Sponsors



March 1, 2014

March 1, 2014 marked Trey’s 10th birthday where we practiced yoga, ate and shopped, cheered on our raffle winners, sang Happy Birthday to Trey and ate cake! It was an awesome way to spend Trey’s 10th birthday, one we were told he might not make it to, surrounded by community. With your support, we raised over $18,000. Thank you.



September 24, 2011

Just like Alice plunged into Wonderland, all families diagnosed with MPS II are plunged into a world previously unknown to them that they must learn to navigate. Just like Alice, this world is beautiful and nightmarish at the same time. Thank you for joining us for a truly unique, wonderful, and unpredictable, Gala where we were able to raise enough money to fund a $100,000 MPS II Research Grant!  We truly appreciate all the support we received from attendees, sponsors and all our hardworking volunteers. Thanks to everyone who came out to share in celebrating the joy of life and raising critically needed funds for research.


May 8th, 2010

We raised $60,000 with our “Tacos for Trey” fundraiser. I am more than thrilled!! I was hoping for $40,000… I’m one to reach for the stars… but didn’t realize we’d get there. I’m so so thrilled. I cannot thank you all enough for your support.

Click here to check out hundreds of photos from T4T 2010. Thanks for shooting the event, Michele!!



May 3rd, 2008

The second annual Tacos for Trey on May 3, 2008 was a huge success. We raised over $18,000 on the day and over $32,000 in total!!



May 5th, 2007

At the first annual Tacos for Trey we raised $17,000 on the day, and $30,000 in total.





For the past two years, our dear friend Grizz Salzl has organized a poker tournament to raise funds for the MPS II Research Fund. To say we are honoured, would be an understatement. Just the thought, to do something this generous, shows what a big and kind heart he has. And then to follow through, to take the time to organize a fundraiser, for our son’s rare disease, when he has a life and family of his own, is touching beyond words.

In 2011, Poker for Trey raised $1,905.00 for the MPS II Research Fund.

In 2010, Poker for Trey raised $2,015.00 for the MPS II Research Fund.

Special thanks to Grizz and to everyone who participated. Your donations will go a long way to help find a cure for MPS II Hunter Syndrome.



At Tacos for Trey 2010, Grizz Salzl and Aimee & Oliver Webbe approached me with the news that they were going to hold a fundraiser on our behalf. You’ve read about Grizz and Poker for Trey above. Aimee and Oliver’s idea was to donate part of the proceeds of their yearly Darwin Golf Tournament to our MPS II Research Fund. What I said above about Grizz, well, I can say the same for Aimee and Oliver. That two groups of people have the kindness and generosity to join our mission to find a cure for MPS II Hunter Syndrome makes my heart grow in gratitude and with love for our wonderful friends. Aimee, Oliver and to everyone at Darwin Construction, thank you.

The 2010 Darwin Golf Tournament raised $5,535.00 for our MPS II Research Fund.


To read more about Darwin Construction, please go to:



We raised $13,000 with ‘Time for a Cure’ 2009!!!

‘Time for a Cure’ was born of the need for a break from the workload of a large fundraiser like ‘Tacos for Trey’, but with the desire to continue fundraising for a cure. On May 2nd, 2009, families around the world enjoyed a day with their families for MPS II. People could pledge participants, who shared the stories of their day on our ‘Time for a Cure’ website. Participants were then entered in a draw for a number of awesome raffle items.

                                                   LOVE DEB, SADIE, RYAN, TREY & AVERY


 Deb, Ryan, Trey, Avery & Sadie Purcell

We had a great day today. We began by spending the morning with a close family friend, Andy McFadyen. I wrote about his stay with us in my blog on Trey’s website, but his son, Isaac, has MPS VI. We have a wonderful connection with their family and spending our “Time for a Cure” morning with a dad who knows exactly how badly we want a cure for our son was fitting.

Then my mom came over to spend her “Time for a Cure” moments with Trey, Avery and Ry. She went to Trey and Avery’s baseball game (you can see a picture when she uploads her story… Heather Cehak). Trey always has a blast at baseball. He’s just an awesome athlete. Apparently (I don’t take the boys, Ry does) Trey can hit the ball quite far and hard and accidentally (and for the dad, unexpectedly) hit a dad, who was in the mid field, hard in the thigh. Oops! Ave is also getting into baseball and really enjoys it, not surprisingly since sports are a big part of our family. After baseball, my mom took Trey, Ave and I to go get Trey’s belated (March 1) birthday present (she was in Mexico at the time). She got Trey and Ave Super Soakers and Trey a scooter as well… as I type the boys are outside soaking themselves, the house and our garden.

And for our “Time for a Cure” afternoon, we chose to spend it going to the Miniature Trains in Burnaby (a first time for us, but quite close to our house) and then going out for dinner. The picture was taken of us just before we left on our train ride! Ave had millions of questions about everything (it was a steam engine, so I had lots of questions too!), Trey was right into waving at everyone that we passed and was more interested in playing with the other kids on the grass than riding the train over and over (as Ave and I did), and Sadie just watched and took everything in.

Dinner was nice because we didn’t have to cook or clean up and we got to watch some of the Canucks game (we don’t have cable so can’t watch at home).

If you’ve spent much time on Trey’s website, you’ve seen me put my heart and soul on the internet. Here I’m hoping to let others do some of that. For now I will say: thank you to everyone who has supported us in this fundraiser and in past fundraisers. We couldn’t do it without you and your continued support means so much to us. We will not rest until we find a cure, so you helping us keep hope with us along this journey fill our hearts. Without hope we have nothing.

I hope you have had a wonderful day.

Thanks again for your support.
Love Deb, Ry, Trey, Ave and Sadie

Heather Cehak

TIME FOR A CURE Yesterday, May 2 was a very special and important day for me as it is a day we set aside each year to acknowledge the children and families who are dealing with a family member(s) who has MPS. We want to find a cure and it is possible. There are many dedicated people – parents, doctors, researchers, family and friends who are working towards a cure but without our support their efforts are limited.

Help us help Trey, my grandson, and other people with MPS. Our day yesterday started off with a delicious breakfast which we shared with our Japanese student. Of course, new lessons in English were a part of our morning. Soon after I left and joined Ryan, Trey and Avery at their softball game. It was great fun! All parents participate in some way helping the coaches work with twenty, three to five year old children. The children had a ball and although they were often distracted by the amount of activity around them they             learned a lot.

Following their game Deb and the boys and I went to the store as I wanted to buy Trey a belated birthday present. I gave Trey a scooter for for his birthday and as only grandparents can I spoiled the boys and bought them each a super soaker. Being a grandparent of such great kids is amazing and lots of fun.. When I came home I spent the rest of the day with Gerry down at the sailboat and then home watching the Canucks play against Chicago. Please help us help our kids. No amount of money is too little. It is      ‘TIME FOR A CURE!’

Ayasha Valji

This cute little monkey is Aidan Brady Horwood and today is her first birthday.  She actually decided that she wanted to join us in the outside world at Tacos for Trey last year.  Her mom, Alanna, started having contraction soon after eating a bean taco at T4T last year and the next day Aidan was born.

Aidan’s mom, Alanna, has been my best friend since we were both 3 years old.  Having known each other for 28 years, Alanna and I are very close – so when she had a little girl it was possibly the closest I’ve ever felt to a little baby.  I was there in the hospital with Alanna when she gave birth to Aidan (massaging her back and feet through the contractions!) and Alanna often tells Aidan, “Here’s auntie Ayasha.  She was there when you were born, you know”.  We can’t let her forget that!

So on this special, time for a cure, day I spent the afternoon with Alanna, her husband Ron, Aidan and all their family celebrating Aidan’s first birthday.  I can’t believe that a year has already passed; I feel like she was just born a few months ago.

Not only do i get to watch Aidan grow and change, but I’m also lucky enough to see Trey, Avery and Sadie on a regular basis so i get to see them learn and laugh and just be silly – it’s a wonderful priviledge and I’m so glad I can be a part of their lives.

ps. We had cookie monster cake – it was great! 🙂

Linnae Bee

On Saturday we travelled to northern BC to visit family. We enjoyed many days of exploring forests and looking for treasures in the wild. This picture is taken in a remote forest in Kitselas Canyon, 20 minutes east of Terrace. We learned so much about our family and also about pioneers and First Nations people in the area. Our best trips are ones like this where get the chance to escape the city and have some real rest and relaxation.  It always amazes me how much fun and enjoyment we seem to share in simple outings.  Great Grama took this picture—she’s 91 years old! We’re so lucky to have so much time together…

Lots of Love,
Linnae, Guy, Pius & Julius

Salim Hirji

On June 20, 2009, I will be riding in the 2009 Test of Metal, a mountain bike race in Squamish that covers 67 km in distance, and more than 1200 meters of elevation gain. It’s a tough race, and a huge challenge for me. I don’t harbour any illusions of winning – my modest goal is only to finish the race, which I expect will take me just over 5 hours.

Although the Test of Metal is not a charity event, I was inspired to ride in the race by a 5-year old boy named Trey Purcell, who has a rare condition called Hunter Syndrome, or MPS II. Hunter Syndrome inhibits the body’s ability to break down and recycle certain enzymes, which in turn interferes with the functioning of the body’s cells and organs. There is currently no cure for MPS II. Research is ongoing, but it is heavily dependent on private funding.

At the age of five, Trey has already faced more challenges than most of us will face in a lifetime. I hope you will take a few minutes to learn about this rare disease, and support the research that could lead to a cure.

For those of you who want to know more about the Test of Metal, the race website is

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